God save Getxolinguae!

Congratulations Getxolinguae on your 10th birthday!!!

How many good talks we have shared in such short time… Multilingual Education, Languages as a tool to teach other subjects, Portfolio, Literature in the classroom, Listening, talking and interacting, ICT and some others I am  sure I forget. How easy to tell the story, and how much work behind. Thanks Getxo Berritzegune staff. Always ready to start thinking on the topic for the next congress, while doing the final arrangements for the so much expected Getxolinguae of the year. Without your devotion and enthusiasm we wouldn’t have enjoyed all these language sessions.

When I was invited to write an entry for this blog I was thrilled with the idea. It sounds great that people who have taken part in previous Getxolinguae talks can take an active part in Getxolinguae 2010. Here is my topic: Language as a tool to teach other subjects.

Many efforts have been done in the Basque Country around this. I’ll just mention Inglegoiz, INEBI, BHINEBI and the Multilingual Programme developed in many schools in Primary and Secondary Education. Much has been said and done, and so little is what I can offer, but after thinking for some time I decided to share with you a web site I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

It’s Edutopia, sponsored by the Gorge Lucas Educational foundation.

Through the Edutopia.org Web site, the George Lucas Foundation wants to spread the word about ideal, interactive learning environments and enable others to adapt these successes. Edutopia.org contains a deep archive of continually updated best practices.

It wraps six core concepts: Integrated studies, Comprehensive assessment, Teacher development, Project learning, Social and emotional learning and Technology integration. You can access articles, interviews, videos and audios on different subjects and experiences and many interesting blogs. You can also subscribe to their news letter and get updated news of what is going around the educational world.

This is the site. I hope you’ll write your comments on this or some other good places you know and want to share with us.

God save Getxolinguae


Arantza Bastida

Berritzegune Bo1 Abando



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